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愛-Vey! 愛-Revoir!

Alas, I finally have to write the post I've been putting off for weeks, the one where Mr. HC and I take a little bow and wave goodbye to the hive.

Our wedding whooshed by so quickly, in such a blur. So it has been especially amazing to have the chance to reexperience it through these recaps. Your warm, generous comments have made us feel like we had a large group of friends celebrating our wedding with us virtually.

Thank you for laughing with us during those moments when we laughed so hard, so uproariously our pants almost burst,

for helping us appreciate the special details . . .

especially the ones I spent way too much time on and probably no one else noticed,

for celebrating with us . . . wildly and unabashedly,

for reveling in those moments that surprised and touched us,

and for being thoughtful and supportive during the contemplative times too.

Our wedding has never been about just one day.  It's been about learning to negotiate between two cultures, two families, and multiple identities without losing a sense of self; about my converting to Judaism, our becoming Chewish, and creating a multicultural household; and about grappling with an institution that while beautiful, is also deeply normativepolitical, and exclusionary.  It's also been about far less weighty things, like finding a luxe look despite my compulsive bargainphilia, or getting the details just so.

And through all of this, the Weddingbee community has been there to support, challenge, and advise us. How lucky are we?  And how awesome are you?

I'll pop by occasionally to post on any wedding-related items that come my way.  In the interim, please drop by to say hello at my blog, Doubly Happy, where I dream about food and fashion and kvetch about dissertation and writing woes. If I know you're coming by, I'll post early and often. ;-)



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