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Okay, I know in my free stuff post yesterday I promised only 3 tools, but I'm going to give another -- because the only thing more awesome than free stuff is bonus free stuff! The Pantone Fashion Color Report for Fall 2008 is now available for download off the Pantone website. For those of you who haven't perused this fab little brochure before, it features the key shades that top designers are using for their upcoming collections and thus gives you a sense of what the hot color trends will be in the upcoming months. So if you love the look of a Tiffany blue and brown wedding, but worry whether you can make that popular color scheme fresh, you can look to the Pantone guide for an innovative twist on that palette (or for a new set of colors altogether). Apparently, the sexy new shade for fall is a rich purple. Combine that with taupe or some other neutral, and you've got a fierce and exciting new palette that will be oh so very 2008.

Do you already have a surprising or fun color scheme in mind? Did these tools help you create one? Do you want to colorize my wedding? Are you secretly ashamed (or find it hilarious) that a bunch of smart, sassy, worldly women are spending an inordinate amount of time thinking about whether aubergine complements chartreuse? Tell Miss Hot Cocoa. I won't judge.

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