How do you say "thank you"?

I'll let you on a little secret: Mr. HC has a serious case of POFAD ("put off for another day") syndrome.   Two months after our wedding, he still hasn't sent out his thank you notes yet!  Oy. 

But when he finally gets around to doing it, he'll have these three designs to choose from:

For our wedding, I'd gocco'd tags with "thanks" in English, Chinese, and Hebrew to attach to our favors.

I took the same graphic, inserted it into a few of our favorite photos, uploaded it to Vistaprint. And voila!

Original photos by Leigh Miller Photography, Luna Photography, and Della Chen Photography.

I had the photos printed on linen paper, and the effect was quite luxe -- a bit more expensive I think (hope?) than what we spent on them (about $0.75 per card, including shipping). 

Vistaprint has great discounts if you subscribe to their e-list.  (They'll send you about a bazillion e-mails, so be forewarned!)  

Do you or your spouse/fiance have POFAD too?  Anyone have good strategies for how to motivate someone with POFAD?  HELP!

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