What's your flavor?

A friend of mine reports that a bridal shower this weekend, they played a fun little icebreaker inspired in part by my post on bridal party invitations.  Since this is the first time I've inspired anything other than complete and utter chaos, I am feeling very self-congratulatory.  Woo hoo! 

You might remember that I gave our bridal party a bottle of Soy Vay as "a little flavor of our wedding":

And in my post I wrote:
Mr. HC and I find Soy Vay hilarious. Like our wedding, Soy Vay is "produced by a Chinese girl and a Jewish boy." And like us, Soy Vay is kosher, delicious, and saucy.
Since they had a kitchen shower, the ladies at the shower my friend attended were each asked to bring 1) a food item that represented the wedding couple and 2) a food item that represented their own relationship or relationship status.  Hilarity supposedly ensued, though I remain skeptical until proof is offered.  (At the last wedding shower I went to, I seriously thought about upping the fun quotient by stabbing myself in the eye with a fondue fork.)

Well, hive, I ask you: What food item would you choose to represent your relationship or wedding?  Are you spicy, sweet, salty, or sour?  Organic, processed, or preserved?

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