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Today I've been a very lazy Haute Cocoa.  I meant to post on finding an eco-conscious ring, but with the typhoon warning here in Hong Kong and my impending departure (lots of goodies to pack), I just couldn't manage to put together a research-intensive post.  As an apology, I bring you something perhaps even better -- something that combines all three of my material loves (don't pout, Mr. HC): paper, couture, and bargains.  

The Creature Comforts blog -- always a great source of style and design -- brought to my attention a fun and fabulous freebie from Hermes.  That's right, bees, Haute Cocoa just put the words "freebie" and "Hermes" in one sentence.  Try not to squeal too loudly if you're in a public space.
The design house that brought celebrities and royalty the oh-so-coveted Birkin bag is offering to us mere mortals the smaller, though no less lovely Kelly bag . . . on paper.  From their website, you can download templates to make your very own Kelly bag.  Just go to, pick your location, click on "travel the world of hermes," and select the paper bag icon ("I want it, I'll have it.").

There are eight bags to choose from.  The black/white cherry blossom is my favorite, though I also love the patternless one -- a blank slate ready for your couture treatment.  How cute would the 8.5 x 11 version of these be as containers for favors at a bridal shower?  Or perhaps you'd rather blow up the template and use larger versions of these as boxes for your bridal party gifts?  Or make them for yourself, wish hard on a star, and hope that your dummy boxes will turn into real, live bags?!

Of course, the paper Kelly bag makes a perfect accessory for a couture paper gown, like that which won Hanah Kim the 2007 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Design Contest.
Throw in a tissue paper pomander or bouquet and you'll be ready to party.  Just check the weather first: these items are not typhoon friendly.

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