For Valentine's Day, I gave Mr. HC a Blurb book, entitled The Hot Cocoas: The First Fifteen Years.  But lest you get the misimpression that I'm such the loving fiancee, devoting endless hours to doing romantic gestures for Mr. HC, I should tell you that the book is actually our guestbook.  (I'm all about 2-for-1 deals.)

I scanned in ephemera from our relationship, including notes we wrote to each other in high school -- my favorite is the one Mr. HC wrote in calculus class, which includes a "Graph of Missing You Versus Time," followed by a derivative of that graph.  Young love between nerds . . . there really isn't anything as embarrassing.

And no retrospective of our relationship would be complete without our prom photos.

Interspersed through out the book are Leigh Miller's fabulous photos from our engagement shoot.

Over all, I was really pleased with Blurb's quality.  I chose the large format landscape size, which is 13 x 11 inches.  The cover is the hardcover with imagewrap, and the paper is their premium paper.  The whole thing came out to around $65 -- a pretty good deal given the end product.

What will you be doing for your guest book?

Bridechka  – (March 3, 2009 at 9:53 PM)  

The book looks great, I may just do this same thing for my guest book :)

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