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Some people suffer from post-wedding depression.  I suffer from post-DIY nostalgia.

I look longingly at my box of craft goodies.  I spend an unhealthy amount of time window shopping at Paper Source.  My heart palpitates when I hear of other people's craft projects.

Someecards never ceases to amuse me.

It's a sickness that can only be cured by medication . . . or an occasion to craft.  Thank goodness for my friends R & M, who came to rescue by letting me do the table numbers for their May wedding.

R & M have a fun color palette of french blue, yellow, and raspberry, so we got pre-cut circle cards from Paper Source in rhubarb.  We also got text-weight paper in curry and quartz.

Using Adobe Illustrator, I printed out the numbers in "Army" font (available for free download from  I then reversed the numbers, so that I could have a cutting template without any lines showing up on the final product.

Next, using a sky blue ink pad and clear embossing powder, I stamped and embossed cherry blossoms on the back of the paper (the side without the numbers), making a chiyogami-like pattern.

The printed side, as you can see, remains unstamped.

I then cut out the numbers.

Here they are, flipped right side up, so that the numbers are no longer reversed and the cherry blossom pattern is visible.

With a glue stick, I affixed the numbers to quartz paper.  I then cut the numbers out of the quartz paper, leaving a 1/4 inch border.

Finally, I glued each number onto the rhubarb circles and handwrote the appropriate text in silver.

And voila!  Table numbers done.  Craft urge satiated.  

For now, at least.

Anyone else itching to take on other people's tasks to satisfy your post-wedding DIY longings?

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