Aw, snap!

Wedding planning, let's face it, is 40% fun and 60% a big pain in the buttocks.  If I could, I'd offer you a xanax and a Mindy-Weiss-bot.  I can't, so I offer you the next best thing: puppies and Polaroids.

Well, it's actually one puppy -- Jellyby, the queen bitch of our household -- and Poladroids.  iDIY, one of the newer additions to my ever-expanding blog roll, introduced me to a fun little application called Poladroid that lets you turn any digital photograph into a Polaroid-like picture.
All you have to do is:

1) Download the FREE Poladroid application and launch it.
2) Drag & drop your photos
3) Wait . . . wait . . . wait again . . . or shake the picture.
4) Then look at or print your Poladroid picture!
* Sorry PC-users, it seems that Poladroid is only Mac-friendly (until November).
I can't decide which is more fun: Jellyby or Poladroid.  On the one  hand, Jellyby has a tres chic ponytail, makes NC-17 sounds chasing after her Wiggly-Giggly ball (I don't know what seals sound like copulating, but I'm pretty sure that my dog makes the same noise), and reacts indignantly if she's mistaken for a dog . . . particularly by other dogs.
On the other hand, Poladroid gives you ten prints per session, just like the content of a real Polaroid cartridge and it lets you speed up the "development" of the image by shake, shake, shaking it like a Polaroid picture.
I don't know, we might have to call it a tie.  I'm thinking of using the Poladroid images to give a vintage look to the photos on our wedding webpage or in our rehearsal dinner slideshow.  But I really could use more creative ideas, so please share what you'd use Poladroid for.

Sweet T  – (October 26, 2008 at 3:46 PM)  

hey you! seeing the iDIY post made me get a real polaroid on eBay! Question for ya... can you print out the Poladroid photos, and if so, will they have the faux-Polaroid border?

Miss Hot Cocoa  – (October 27, 2008 at 1:04 AM)  

Real polaroid? So jealous. What are you going to do about the film cartridges once they run out though? I printed out the Polaroid on plain paper, and yes the faux-polaroid borders shows up fine. The prob is that it doesn't give you that 3-D framed look of the real Polaroid.

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