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Let's split up this year into two epochs: BWB and AWB ("before Weddingbee" and "after Weddingbee").  BWB, I used to get work done on my dissertation.  AWB, what dissertation?  BWB, I'd never heard of engagement photos.  I mean, what do we need engagement photos for?  Proof of engagement?!  I guess I figured that people take an engagement photo to put in, say, a wedding announcement, but the idea of taking a whole series of photos with a professional photographer before the wedding was . . . um, inconceivable? weird? a seeming waste of money?

AWB, I was a bit more conflicted.  I saw beautiful and personality-filled engagement shots from Bees like Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Daffodil, and I really liked the idea of having some photographs of Mr. HC and me chillaxing in our natural environment (okay, more like our aspirational natural environment, since our actual natural environment is on the couch, watching yet another Degrassi marathon).  But I wasn't so sure that it was a good use of our budget.  The ramen ain't gonna buy itself, yo.

Then I started researching wedding photographers and realized that many not only encourage booking e-sessions but actually require it.  My first thought: Blech, yet another scam perpetuated by the wedding industrial complex.  I will not be suckered into yet another wedding "must have."

But then we were lucky enough to book the uber-talented Leigh Miller as our wedding photographer. She not only came up with an affordable package for us, she also made a darn good case for why an engagement photo session makes good sense.

Here, courtesy of Leigh, are some reasons why an e-session might be a worthwhile investment, if you can find a little extra room in your budget for it (yeah, I'm still not of the "must have" school of weddings): 

(1) "So I can see how couples are in front of the camera. Sometimes I find out I have a blinker, and I had one groom who was so nervous about doing the session he was woozy!  Yes I thought he was going to faint!  These are all good things to know before the wedding day. (That groom was fine by the wedding day as he was broken in during the engagement session - haha!)."
[Gorgeous e-pic of Katharine, Ryan, and Cali by Jennifer Paschal]

(2) "It's a good chance for the couple to get comfortable in front of the camera."
[Jose Villa Photography (of photographer, Tec Petaja and his wife Chelsea)]

(3) "It's a great chance to spend some time with your photographer. I love hanging out with my couples and the engagement just helps us bond even more. It builds trust, and they have the confidence now that they will photograph beautifully on the wedding day."

So, long story short, in just a few weeks, Leigh will be joining Mr. HC and me in Boston to take our engagement photos.  And I couldn't be more excited to meet her and to frolic in front of her lenses.  As for Mr. HC?  He doesn't do frolicking, but I think he'll grin and bear it.  ;-)  Leigh, we hope your photoshop skills are well-honed, because we are going to need some serious fixin'!

Grooms and brides, what do you think?  Will you be booking a professional e-session?  Rocking a rad DIY session, like Miss Blush?  Or putting your money elsewhere?  And if you're doing one, what are you hoping to capture in your e-sessions?

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