A beautiful Boston day! continued

In yesterday's post, I chronicled our romp through Cambridge, MA, with our infinitely patient, fun, and creative photographer Leigh Miller.  We had such a good time -- okay, Leigh and I had a great time, and Mr. HC amicably tolerated our wedding-related gabbing -- that by the time we were done traipsing through Harvard, the sun was rapidly descending, and we had to scurry to our final location. To conclude our shoot, Mr. HC and I thought we'd take Leigh to the most picturesque of Boston neighborhoods: Beacon Hill.

Hotness ensued.Beacon Hill is so gorgeous, even the parking spots are photo-worthy.  Leigh saw this great fence in an alleyway, and we plopped down in front of it.  It's possible that I'm smiling apologetically at a resident as she was waiting for us to get our plump rear-ends out of her parking space.

I wonder what Mr. HC was thinking here?  I'd like to think it was, "I'm so in love with my fiance."  More like it was, "Hmm, what totally inappropriate thing can I say next to make her crack up?"

Here we are in front of my favorite building in Beacon Hill.  There's a corner apartment on the second floor of this building that has floor-to-ceiling bookshelves that I covet.  Not that I'm stalking this apartment or anything.  But if you live here, you might want to keep the curtains drawn.

This is our "let's rub noses" and be cute look.  Miss Jay would be flipping out about my left hand, which seems to be have gone rogue, Cousin It style.

Mr. HC: "Hey, hot stuff, come here often?"
Me: "Why, yes.  I often hang out at random sign posts."
Pumpkin: "These idiots are blocking my shot!"

We dated for fifteen years.  Could that sign be any more appropriate?

We were initially a bit nervous about the prospect of being photographed, but Leigh made it really low-stress and enjoyable.  The experience was helpful in getting us comfortable in front of the camera.  I figured out that I have Bugs Bunny teeth from certain angles and that Mr. HC smiles the most naturally if I whisper naughty things in his ear.  And while we probably could have been a bit more prepared for the shoot -- Leigh, I swear I'm going to practice my "sassy" pose for the wedding -- we love the results.

How did you prepare for your engagement photos?  Did you learn anything about your camera face from the session?  And did you find a sure-fire way to coax a photogenic smile out of you or your fiance?

Jessebel  – (December 3, 2008 at 12:28 PM)  

I just love both sets of photos and your commentary. I share your feelings and anxieties about being photographed. It's been almost 27 years and I'm still coping with my awkwardness. ;)

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