And I thought my train was cumbersome . . .

Did you guys read this story about a Chinese groom who purchased for his bride a wedding dress adorned with 9999 silk roses and a 1.2 MILE-long train?

Three astounding facts:

1) The train was so long that it took GUESTS more than three hours to lay out the gown. (And to think all we entertained our guests with before the ceremony were our programs.)

2) The bride reportedly "laughed and cried at the romantic gesture." (Yes, I'm sure she cried. Much like I laughed and cried the day my grandfather gave me a white knee-length puffy coat pimped out with marabou feathers and sequins. This day, by the way, was not back in the day, when I was a tutu-wearing, pink-loving five year old, but actually last Christmas.)

3) The gown cost around $5800. (I think that buys you a veil at Kleinfeld's.)

Awesome? Or spectacular wedding fail?

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