Won't you protect me from evil doers?

Legend is that bridesmaids serve the important role of protecting the bride from malevolent spirits.  To confound evil doers, the attendants are supposed to dress just like the bride; assuming the ploy works, the spirits get wicked confused about who the bride is and are thus unable to bring bad juju to the marriage.  My two sisters of honor (FSIL Hot Cocoa and Sister HC) and four friends of honor aren't going to be dressing like me on my wedding day. But I'm fully expecting them to ward off any evil spirits (no-show vendors?  misbehaving guests?  psycho exes I don't know about?) who seek to wreak havoc on the wedding.  Given their importance, I had to find a special way to ask them to be a part of my wedding party:

I presented the ladies with:

1. A bottle of Soy Vay, with a tag that says "A little flavor of our wedding."

Mr. HC and I find Soy Vay hilarious.  Like our wedding, Soy Vay is "produced by a Chinese girl and a Jewish boy."  And like us, Soy Vay is kosher, delicious, and saucy.  Try us.  We are good on chicken.

2. A handcrafted card.
The front of each card is decorated with a dress and bouquet.  I designed each dress to reflect the card recipient's personality, and I made the top of each dress with origami paper, the belt with a bit of ribbon, and the skirt with crumply gold paper.  Each dress "hangs" on a paper clip hanger.  And the bouquet is simply a cluster of star-shaped punches.  I attached everything with Zots, which are awesomely sticky and fun to say.On the back of each card, I printed a black and white photo of me with the card recipient (here FSIL Hot Cocoa), and placed on top of that a vellum overlay on which I laser printed a personal note telling each person how much they mean to me, asking her to be part of my bridal party, and promising not to dress her in some wackadoodle polyester/crinoline monstrosity.

3. A little informational "booklet."
I made the booklet by punching two holes on each piece of paper (cut down to 3x3 in.) and stringing ribbon through the holes.  The front cover has a punch of the Chinese character for prosperity.  The first square has the contact info for the other members of the bridal party.  The second square has the event details.  And the third square details the aesthetic of the wedding, says that the bridal party will probably all wear different style dresses in the same color, and describes the attendants' responsibilities ("Enjoy yourself.  Give love, support, and advice.  Be the last ones on the dance floor.").

Lucky me, all six ladies I asked agreed to be part of my juju-warding retinue.

How did you ask the special people in your life to be a part of your wedding day? 

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