A "Change" for FSIL Hot Cocoa!

August 28, 2008 was an awesome day.  It was a propitious date on the Chinese calendar (the word "eight" in Chinese is a homophone for prosperity and "two" is a homophone for easy, so 8/28/08 = prosperity, easy prosperity, more prosperity). It was the day of Barack Obama's historic acceptance speech.  And it also happened to be a very special day in the Hot Cocoa family.  That night, after a viewing of the Obama speech in downtown Philly, future sister-in-law Hot Cocoa's wonderful boyfriend proposed!  She said yes, and there was much rejoicing around the country (fireworks in Denver!).

Check out FSIL Hot Cocoa's unique and beautiful e-ring.  She designed it with the help of New York jewelry designer Sarah Perlis, who handmade the ring from 22k gold and adorned it with a pink sapphire center stone and ethically sourced diamond sidestones.  Since some of you out there might be looking for alternatives to the traditional diamond e-ring, I thought I'd deliver some eco-friendly bling for your viewing enjoyment.

FSIL Hot Cocoa is the most compassionate, empathetic person I know. She feels about trees how I feel about discounted Louboutins (whew -- is it getting hot in here? I'm getting flushed . . . ). This is a woman who used to save insects from drowning in the family jacuzzi, who fostered chimpanzees in Africa, and who now is pursuing her Ph.D. in psychology so that she can understand and treat social anxiety disorder . . . in humans and animals.  For realz.  What I'm trying to say is that she's an awesome human being.  (Am I marrying the wrong sibling here?!  LOL.)  

So when it came to her ring, she really wanted to find something that would reflect her values and personality. After searching various sites for eco-conscious jewelry, including the useful Greenkarat and Brilliant Earth (from which Mr. HC and I got my e-ring), she happened on Perlis's designs, which are fashioned from eco-friendly materials. According to Perlis's site, her collection "incorporates 22k recycled gold and alluvial responsibly mined diamonds, which are panned, not mined."  The company that sources the rough uncut stones reinvests part of its profits back into the community and uses unionized workforces that pay a living wage.

Perlis's pieces are subtle, organic, unique, and affordable.  Oh, she also offers other kinds of jewelry, including the hammered initial necklace below, perfect as a gift for your bridal party (or, who am I kidding, myself).

What do you think of these non-traditional e-rings?  Did you have a difficult time finding a ring that matched your personality or values?  Do those leaf earrings make you want to go out and hug a tree?

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