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A few days ago, I posted on the save-the-date bookmarks that I was too lazy to produce. Lesson learned: it's not enough for a wedding-related DIY project to be snazzy, it's got to be manageable as well. In fact, my new motto is "short and sweet." Describes me (5'3 on a good day, but super delicious). Describes any task I take on in the near future.

Well, what could be shorter and sweeter than a postcard? As a favorite writer once suggested: "To choose a post card is for me a flight which at least will spare you the too abundant literature to which you would have been subjected . . . ." A postcard is pithy, affordable, and cheap to send. What's not to love?

Here are some unique and creative options I came across:
[Mini-cooper card from Etsy seller unlesssomebodylikeyou.]

Quirky, understated, and just adorable. It's kind of an aspirational card, though -- perfect for the lover-of-flea-markets-and-tandem-bikes kind of girl I wish I were, but not so much for the way more boring lawyer/academic that I am. Sigh.

[Polaroid card from Etsy seller seeyoubeyou.]

A fresh take on the traditional photo save-the-date. Gets your guests ready to shake it like a polaroid picture.

[Lummi Island card from Etsy seller EMprint Press.]

This design is elegant and atmospheric, great for anyone getting married at a unique and dreamy locale. We like Marina del Rey (where we're getting married), but it doesn't quite have the charm or mystique of Lummi Island by moonlight.

[Concert card by Etsy seller marit522.]

Again an aspirational card. This save-the-date is way edgier than Mr. HC and I are. It's the kind of save-the-date that a couple like Stella and Ratbones would have; it says "I like leathuh" and "I am rock 'n roll, and I'll die rock n' roll." I do, however, want to point out that I did go through a phase in which I was obsessed with Steve Vai and subscribed to Guitar Magazine, and Mr. HC is still in the middle of a 20-year phase in which he dreams of going on tour with Springsteen.

[Brooklyn card made by Vinas Design for Brooklyn Bride.]

Vane's (a.k.a. Brooklyn Bride's) save-the-date is fab. The card manages to convey her passion for her neighborhood, her fun and unique aesthetic, and the charm of her wedding. Hmmm . . . . That's exactly what we are looking for! A card that says something about us and the feel of our wedding. But where to find such a card?

To be continued . . . .

Did you go with a postcard save-the-date? What influenced your choice of design or style?

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