Consider yourself booked . . . or not.

Like all graduate students I know, I am a terrible procrastinator and find it all but impossible to get things accomplished unless there's an impending deadline (and usually some threat of a cut-off of funding).  Well, it turns out according to my Martha Stewart online wedding checklist, we are supposed to send out our save-the-dates in less than two weeks.  Naturally, we are woefully unprepared for this.  We haven't finalized a guest list.  We have no addresses yet.  And, of course, we have no save-the-dates printed.  Martha is tsk tsk tsking at us right now.

Just to get my imaginary Martha to take a chill pill, I spent this weekend putting together some mock-ups of possible save-the-dates.  Here's one of them.  Behold: our almost save-the-date bookmark:

I came up with this idea while thinking about what Mr. Hot Cocoa and I do best, which is go to school.  We've both been in school for an ungodly and embarrassing number of years, so I thought I'd create an homage to that with a bookmark.  The plan was to Gocco these on purple cardstock.  I would have used silver ink for the printing and a slightly darker purple ribbon for the tassel.

Since I already had the Gocco supplies, these bookmarks would have been relatively inexpensive to produce.  All I had to purchase was the cardstock, the ribbon, and letter-size envelopes for mailing.  But as I contemplated my schedule over the next two weeks, I realized that I would go batty if I had to create 150+ bookmarks while balancing my teaching and writing responsibilities.  I especially recoiled in horror at the thought of having to punch the double happiness symbol into each bookmark, since punching on cardstock is a carpal-tunnel-inducing nightmare.  

So basically what I'm trying to tell you is that this once-ambitious DIY bride got lazy.  Very very lazy.  And this bookmark idea had to go bye bye.

Did you have DIY ambitions that were thwarted by real life?  What projects have you had to scale down or reconsider?

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