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This Sunday I subjected Mr. HC to yet another "Bridezillas" marathon.  (That show is like a bad car accident that I just can't turn away from.)  In the middle of an episode with a particularly awful behaving bride in a particularly awful looking periwinkle dress, Mr. HC turned to me and said, with some trepidation in his voice: "I hear your dress isn't strapless."  "Um, who told you that?" I asked him.  "My mom -- but she didn't mean to tell me; she just told me that it was beautiful."  "Hmm," I replied. "Yep, not strapless."  "Oh," said Mr. HC, with a trace of concern. 

It occurred to me then that we've gone to something like ten weddings in the last two years, and that every bride, except for one, wore a strapless dress.  After I assured Mr. HC that I wasn't going to be rockin' some 80s pouf sleeves or some wackadoodle, high-necked homage to the nuns in the Sound of Music, he seemed a little bit less worried.

But, of course, now I'm worried.  As I've said before, Mr. HC and I have very different aesthetics: he's Brooks Brothers (classic, straight-laced), and I'm Anthropologie (flirty, quirky). He likes to blend in, while I like to stand out. There have definitely been times when my outfits have puzzled him.  And while I usually don't dress to please him, I do want him to be floored by how I look that day.  In fact, I want the reaction Ellen had to seeing Portia for the first time on their wedding day (the whole video is so touching, but forward to 1:30 to see their first look moment):

[Original video, which I couldn't figure out how to embed, here.]

I know this doesn't make any sense mathematically, but I'm both 110% sure Mr. HC will love my wedding day look, and yet 5% worried that he'll be disappointed.

Do you and your groom have different styles and tastes?  Do you worry whether your SO will love or hate your wedding attire?

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