My Bat-chelorette Shower-Mitzvah! - Part I: Not a girl, not yet a woman

As I mentioned in my teaser post yesterday, my amazing bridal party threw me a fabulous Bat-chelorette Shower-Mitzvah.  Wonderful women from all parts of my life braved an impending snow emergency to travel from New York, Connecticut, and D.C. to Massachusetts to celebrate . . . me!  I was so touched and awed by the experience that I felt slightly out of body the whole afternoon/evening.

The shower portion of the day was craft themed -- designed to inspire my inner Martha.  Of course, while my Martha is deep deep inside of me, my friends have no problems channeling their inner Martha.  Behold the chic, DIY details:

Friend-of-honor (FOH) L hosted the event in her beautiful home.  She repurposed her holiday wreath by dressing it up with a chic purple ribbon and put together little arrangements of flowers in cups from rescued from an old tool box.  FOH A created a darling garland of paper flowers to dress up the fireplace.

L, A, and FOH G made a gorgeous and delicious spread of tea-time goodies, including a delectable trifle, cheesey puffs (yummy in my tummy), quiche, cucumber and egg sandwiches, and the piece de resistance -- a "wish cake."  Check out the Martha-esque tissue poms hanging from the chandelier.

Here's a close up of the wish cake.  FOH A attached ribbons to tiny vellum envelopes.  A paper pom kept the wishes hidden.

Inside each vellum envelope was a lovely wish/fortune written by the always positive FOH A. Yay -- a positive change in my career!

And I think my new career will be as a paper flower maker!  The FOHs gave all of the guests a craft project.  They provided wire stems, craft scissors, floral tape, and small circles of paper.  Each of the attendees created a paper flower, and at the end of the shower, the flowers were tied together with a gorgeous amethyst ribbon and made into . . . 

a whimsical rehearsal bouquet!  Here is what I've affectionately named Team 愛-Vey (trademark pending!) -- my bridal party.  愛 is the Chinese character for love, and it's pronounced "oi."  Get it?!  Hahahaha.  I crack myself up.  Above, from left to right, are sister of honor (SOH) L, FOHs L and G, me, and FOHs A and B.

Up next: the bat mitzvah section of the evening.

Do you have a funny name for your bridesmaids or groomsmen?  Share!

Bridechka  – (January 14, 2009 at 2:58 PM)  

I have to MOHs and a little sister and I wasn't sure what to call her, but now I think I am gonna use your phrase! Sister of honor, i think she will like it :)

Jessebel  – (January 14, 2009 at 5:42 PM)  

I alternate between the U.N. and the Melting Pot because of the varying ethnicities represented.

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